Amplificador PRODB AL700


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> Heatsink and variable speed fan for cooling
> Loop transformer to offer sufficient power supply
> Perfect contour; standard rack mounting holes
> Limit/soft start/DC/short circuit/thermal protection
> Built-in limiter to prevent speaker from damage
> Prominent tone, signal conversion, extremely low THD/SMPTGE-IM/transient modulation distortion
> Stereo/parallel/bridge mode
> Signal /clip LED for each channel
> Gain control on front panel
> SMD components for reliable performance
> Transistor connected with heatsink for cooling
Model AL400 AL700 AL1200 AL1600 AL2000
Output Power 8Ω 2x200W 2x350W 2x700W 2x800W 2x1000W
Output Power 4Ω 2x300W 2x450W 2x990W 2x1250W 2x1350W
Bridge Output power 8Ω 600W 900W 2×1980W 2550W 2700W
Input Sensitivity 0.775V / 1.4V
Frequency response(@1W) (20Hz-20KHz)±1dB
S/N ratio (A weighted) >100dB
THD(rated output power) <0.5% (20Hz-20kHz)
Crosstalk A-weighted) ≥70dB
Damp Factor(1kHz 8Ω) >200 >200 >200 >200 >200
Protection Audio Limiters,High Temperature,DC,Short Circuit,HF,Peak Current Limiters,Turn-on Delay
Power Requirements 110~120@220~240AC 50/60Hz
Weight 13kg 14.5kg 15g 15.8kg 18.5kg
Dimensions (W/H/D) 482x353x88 482x353x88 482x353x88 482x353x88 482x403x88

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